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Behind The Inspiration

Our customers have always praised the packaging that Crackle Caramel Popcorn debut in. The feedback was that they loved the simplicity and the honesty behind it, the packaging just simply showcased some dam good popcorn.

But in order for the brand to grow and expand into other avenues, it was time that the packaging evolved and inevitably had to be transformed.
It is the balance of achieving what made the existing packaging great and then what will elevate the brand to the next level.

I paired up with a local Graphic Design Company Plug 2 Studios, and it was their designer Wiebke Brix who found inspiration in a documentary she had recently watched on Carmen Herrera, The 100 Years Show.
Carmen is an abstract, minimalist painter still living, creating and exhibiting in NYC at the age of 102. Although Carmen has been painting all of her life, she was only discovered at the age of 89, and her first major exhibit at 94 years old.
She is true testament to never giving up and staying true to the artistic vision.

Wiebke saw a correlation between Carmen and my own story and thought the concept was very much fitting to the brand as well as my own personal journey.
With that, Wiebke was able to produce a simple but effect concept of showcasing the caramel popcorn whilst shying away from the conventional style of mass produced packaging.

So with that, what are you waiting for? Grab a bag or two, and see, feel, and fall in love with Crackle Caramel Popcorn all over again!

Katherine Yerondais
Founder & Creator, Crackle Caramel Popcorn

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