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Back Alley Sally & Harry and Larry’s General Store

Back Alley Sally’s is offering Footscray a great place to drink, eat and play – all without the hassle of commuting to the city for that cheeky post-work drink, night out, or casual hang with mates.

Situated directly above sister shop Harry and Larry’s General Store & Slice Girls West, and fitted out with a large central bar, unique recycled decor, and modern day industrial elements, Back Alley Sally’s is ready to welcome you upstairs. Crack open some beers and cheers.


Harry and Larry’s is a Urban General Store focused on supplying locally sourced produce and a fresh selection of essentials while providing convenience and ‘groove’ for Neighbours , travellers and new residents alike.

With a healthy range of recognizable brands to comfort the conscientious shopper, Harry and Larry’s will also offer a handpicked range of exclusive, little known or up and coming brands to complement the every day offering. Locals can follow their budget or allow their taste buds to do the talking.

4 Yewers Street, Footscray


Back Alley Sally & Harry and Larry’s Stock all flavours of Crackle Caramel Popcorn

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