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I want to make food that matters

I want to make food that matters.

Our caramel popcorn is made only from good intentions. We believe in handcrafting and small batching our product that allows us to intentionally connect with the caramel popcorn to instil the love, joy and passion that sets our caramel popcorn apart. We believe in the theory that food can be made from the heart, thru to the hand, and then into the food, and we will not compromise on that.

I love what I do, and I love watching my customers fall in love with my caramel popcorn time and time again. There is a sense of pride and joy that washes over me, because I know the caramel popcorn has allowed me to connect with the consumer on a profound level.

I believe people deserve great things and deserve to consume food that is made with great intentions. If Crackle can touch, move and inspire people to live a more positive life filled with love and joy then that is the greatest gift I can give.

As consumers, we need to start supporting more artisan makers and make better choices by consuming less, but consume better. We need to start falling in love with food again, we need to start falling in love with ourselves again.


Big Crackle Love! Xx

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